Boat Trips in the Cultural Region of the Rheingau

What would a visit to the cultural region of the Rheingau be without a boat trip on the most famous, European river, the Rhine?
The Rheingau is the ideal starting point for an eventful boat trip. Use the offer of the numerous companies for a ride with a modern excursion boat. The boats cast off in Wiesbaden, Eltville/Rhine, Rüdesheim/Rhine, Assmannshausen or Lorch/Rhine for a ride into the Upper Middle Rhine Valley to the famous Loreley cliffs.
Each Sunday from Easter through September the Charterliner Van de Lücht casts off for a round trip with the boat around the conservation island Mariannenaue. Departure points in the Rheingau are Eltville/Rhine, Oestrich, Hattenheim and Erbach.
You can cross the Rhine comfortably with ferries.
Visit the small marinas and also the small yacht and sailing boat ports in the Rheingau.
Further information about the offers by the excursion boats, the ferry connections as well as the yacht and sailing marinas can be obtained here.
Excursion by boat:


Marinas (yacht and sailing boats):

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