The history of the monks, nuns and abbots is reflected in the beautiful and impressive monastery complexes of the cultural region of the Rheingau.
Eberbach Monastery (“Kloster Eberbach”) in Eltville/Rhine, the shooting location of the classic movie "The Name of the Rose" starring Sean Connery, offers great opportunities for visits, guided tours, wine tastings while  walking through the monastery and many other events. 
Eibingen Abbey (“Kloster Eibingen”), an abbey of Benedictine nuns going back to Saint Hildegard, sells homemade food in the monastery shop and wines from the abbey’s own wine-growing estate. The abbey boasts beautiful Beuron-style paintings.
Even today, Marienthal Monastery in Geisenheim is a popular pilgrimage destination.

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Churches in the Kulturland Rheingau

Visit our unique churches in the Rheingau.

Church of St Valentine in Kiedrich features Germany’s oldest still functional organ. The Church of St Valentine was declared a basilica minor in 2011. Every Sunday, the Kiedrich Choir of boys and men (“Kiedricher Chorknaben”) performs liturgical Latin Gregorian plainsongs in a special Germanic dialect.

The biggest carved altar of Germany is located in the parish church of St Martin in Lorch. It was erected in 1486.

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