Eibingen Abbey in Rüdesheim/Rhine

The Benedictine Abbey of St Hildegard (Eibingen Abbey) is located above Rüdesheim/Rhine, surrounded by vineyards. Some visitors think it is a Romanesque building, but it was only built at the beginning of the 20th century. Nevertheless, the house considers itself a foundation of St Hildegard, going back to the old convent of Eibingen in the Rheingau.

The new monastery’s foundation stone was laid 2 July 1900 by archabbot Placidus Wolter from Beuron, who had come to the Rhine on behalf of the sick Bishop Dominikus Willi. Roughly four years later, September 17, 1904 twelve Benedictines left St Gabriel's Abbey, Prague, the first nunnery of the Beuronese Congregation and moved to the new foundation.
Today, the abbey boasts Beuronese-style paintings and a magnificent view onto the Rhine Valley.
The relics of St Hildegard are venerated in the abbey to this day.
A big abbey shop, the Abbey Winery, sales of spelt products, goldsmiths, a ceramics workshop and a restoration workshop for clerical archival materials are the monastery’s economic basis.
Learn more in the following about Eibingen Abbey and/or the Land of Hildegard.

Kloster Eibingen
65375 Rüdesheim am Rhein
Phone: 06722/ 4990
Email: benediktinerinnen@abtei-st-hildegard.de

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