Rheingau Cathedral in Geisenheim

The Parish Church of the Holy Cross, which is simply called "Rheingau Cathedral" (“Rheingauer Dom”) by the population, is a three-aisled hall church.
It was erected around 1500 on the foundations of a Romanesque Church. The chancel with its beautiful reticulated vaulting dates back to 1518. The nave was extended and newly vaulted and the neo-Gothic west facade with its two open red sandstone towers was erected from 1836-41. In 1885 the neo-Gothic high altar was placed where a baroque altar had been whose crucifixion group well worth seeing was arranged in the southern side aisle. In the same side aisle a three Kings' altar from the Spessart dating back to 1480 can be admired. Numerous artful funerary monuments of the local aristocratic families von Schönborn, von Otstein and von Stockheim can be found in the church. The crucifixion group outside the chancel was made in the workshops by Hans Backoffen (cross around 1520) and Peter Heinrich Hencke (figures, middle of the 18th century).

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Rheingauer Dom
65366 Geisenheim

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