St Gall's Church in Flörsheim/Main

St Gall’s Church is among the most beautiful baroque churches of the Main-Taunus area.
The three altars of this artfully decorated church are particular eyecatchers.
The baroque high altar was made in the workshops of the Carthusian monastery in Mainz. The altarpiece represents the Last Supper. The painting dates back to the year 1896 and was painted by Ludwig Windschmitt.
The high altar is framed by 4 saint figures.
The two side altars were made by the brothers Erb in 1766. The paintings of the side altars are original paintings by Christian Georg Schütz.
The organ in St Gall’s Church is more than 300 years old. It was largely made by the organ builder Johann Jakob Damm from Mainz.
The Gall’s Concerts take place in St Gall’s Church every year.
Further information on the Gall’s Concerts can be obtained at:
65439 Flörsheim am Main


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