St Peter & Paul in Hochheim/Main

The Hochheim church St Peter & Paul is a baroque building which was erected by the master builder Johann Farolsky 1730 – 1732.

Narrow pilasters structure the exterior of the church. The church tower with medieval pointed spire rises at the chancel’s northern side. A parish church once stood in front of this building with 5 altars, which was badly damaged during the Thirty Years' War. The foundation stones for the current church were laid 1 June 1730. After the construction was completed the financial means were gone – the old existing furniture was repaired, the Carmelite monastery of Mainz donated the high altar. The interior decoration was started in 1775. In 1930 the church was restored, but it was badly damaged during World War Two. Bombs and artillery fire caused considerable destruction. With enormous efforts on the part of the community members the church was renovated to the extent that a church service could already be conducted in September 1945. The church’s ceiling painting was completely renovated. The entire expenses for renovation amounted to several million euros.

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Kath. Pfarrkirche St. Peter und Paul
Hintergasse 62
65239 Hochheim am Main

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