Culinary Delights in the Rheingau

The Rheingau offers many opportunities to delight your palate to the fullest.
Hotels, culinary establishments and vintners will welcome you with their hospitality and seasonal wine taverns - many of which afford fantastic views of vineyards and the Rhine River.

Regional specialities, such as Wisper trout, artisan cheeses like Spundekäs´or Handkäs´accompanied by music, traditional cuisine or the perfect menu prepared by gourmet chef - there is something for everyone.

"Straußwirtschaften" are pubs or taverns typically run by winegrowers, in which they sell their own wine directly to the public and serve simple, regional dishes. The name is derived from German Strauß (bouquet) hung at the entrance to mark these places as seasonal etablishments exempt from certain taxes. Thus, especially in the Rheingau, you can dine and wine in unusual locations, such as historic homes, casles, palaces, barns or half-timberes buildings.

Interested in visiting a "Straußwirtschaft"?

Interested in tasting wine at a wine stall? 

A symbiosis of food and wine

Only by drinking a good wine does good food become a total pleasure. Discover the multi-faceted gastronomy from Wicker to Lorchhausen. From comfortable Straußwirtschaften, wine taverns and traditional country inns one can also find top gastronomy in the Rheingau which provides culinary highlights worthy of star rating.

You want to do the cooking yourself? We selected and wrote down some classics of the Rheingau cuisine for you. Do you have more typical Rheingau recipes? We would be very delighted if you sent them to us. We would like to publish your recipe. You tried out a recipe? Then you should send us your photos.

Bon Appetit.

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