Kurhaus in Wiesbaden

The German Emperor Wilhelm II praised the neoclassical magnificent building as Germany’s “most beautiful kurhaus“, whose construction at the beginning of the 20th century devoured almost six million gold marks. While the previous building with the big social hall by Christain Zais was still classic and simple one century earlier, the architect of the present Kurhaus, Friedrich von Thiersch, spent lots of money for the opulent interior decoration. 
The Kurhaus which had been damaged during World War Two by aerial attacks, underwent a restoration which was true to the original and cost 65 million marks. Hence, the magnificently equipped rooms of different styles – from historicism via the French Empire style to naturalism – can be admired even today.
The present Kurhaus, however, is more than just a pompous backdrop and with its most modern event technology provides a good setting for the most diverse occasions. As cultural and conference centre national and international congresses, conferences, indoor and open-air concerts, exhibitions, classic events, festivals and balls take place in this historical setting.
A gambling casino is also located inside the Kurhaus.
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Kurhaus Wiesbaden
Kurhausplatz 1
65189 Wiesbaden
Phone: 0611 - 1729290     
Email: info@kurhaus-wiesbaden.de


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