Queen Victoria Monument

Since 1854 the monument in the neo-Gothic style has commemorated the English Queen Victoria and her visit to Hochheim/Main in 1845.
The proud vineyard owner at the time had the following engraved “Her Majesty Victoria, Queen of Great Britain and Ireland had the grace of bestowing upon this vineyard Her high name. In honour of the noble monarch and in grateful memory of such gracious distinction was this monument stone erected by G.M. Pabstmann, Hochheim, May 24, 1854."
The spring was surrounded and now comes from the lion’s open jaws. An approximately seven metre high monument rises above the lion looking far beyond the vineyards into the valley. English Gothic turrets and ornaments put the visitor in the right mood and take him back to formers times.
The saying "Good Hock keeps off the doc" is also ascribed to Queen Victoria and her visit to

Königin Victoria Denkmal
65239 Hochheim am Main

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