The Upper Germanic & Rhaetian Limes in the Rhine Taunus District

The Upper Germanic & Rhaetian Limes is about 550 km long. It stretches from Rheinbrohl (north of Neuwied/Rhine) to Hienheim (near Regensburg) on the Danube and is one of the largest archeological monuments. From the end of the first century up to the second half of the third century it separated the Roman provinces of Germania Superior and Rhaetia from the Germanic Barbaricum. Together with the troops‘ quarters its watchtowers and fortresses constituted an artificially formed border.
Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate, being the states through which the Upper Germanic & Rhaetian Limes runs, jointly sought inclusion of the Limes in Germany into the UNESCO World Heritage. In July 2005, under the heading “Frontiers of the Roman Empire” and following a recommendation of the UNESCO, the Germanic & Rhaetian Limes was added to “Hadrian’s Wall in England“, which had already been included in the World Heritage List in 1987. The World Heritage “Limes“ thus obtained an international or at least a European dimension.
In cooperation with the towns and municipalities the Hessian State Office for the Preservation of Historical Monuments has established the Limes Development Plan. It contains various measures aiming at the protection of the Limes and the information of the public.
The Limes runs through the Rheingau Taunus District on a length of some 41.7 km. Traces of it can be found within the boundaries of the communities of Heidenrod, Bad Schwalbach, Hohenstein, Taunusstein, Hünstetten, Idstein and Niedernhausen. The Regional Limes Information Centre (“Regionales Limes-Informationszentrum”) located at the estate Hofgut Georgenthal, the rebuilt Limes towers Idstein-Dasbach and Kastell Zugmantel as well as the Limes Heritage Trails designed as loop trails are especially worth seeing.
The brochure “The Limes in the Rheingau Taunus District“ (“Der Limes im Rheingau-Taunus-Kreis”) offers a good overview of the run of the Limes and of the sights along the Limes in the Rheingau Taunus District.

You can order the brochure by telephone at 06723-99550, by email at or directly download the PDF files here "Der Limes im Rheingau-Taunus-Kreis".

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