Upper Middle Rhine Valley

The cultural landscape of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley between Bingen, Rüdesheim/Rhine and Koblenz covers the 65 km stretch of the Rhine valley as it breaks through the Rhenish Slate Mountains. On 27 July 2002 it was declared part of the UNESCO World Heritage as a surviving cultural landscape. The UNESCO thereby recognised the Upper Middle Rhine Valley as an exceptional cultural landscape of great diversity and beauty being particularly rich in cultural heritage and artistic associations.
The Middle Rhine Valley has been attracting tourists since the 19th century. Its particular landscape has been shaped naturally by the river on the one hand and by human intervention on the other hand. It has been one of the most important transport routes for cultural exchange, linking the Mediterranean and the North of Europe for two millennia. Thanks to its important historical buildings, its vineyard slopes, its villages huddled together on the narrow banks and the hilltop castles lined up on its ledges it is commonly regarded as the epitome of the Romantic movement of Rhine Romanticism (“Rheinromantik”).

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