Hiking in the Cultural Region of the Rheingau

Joy of hiking in the midst of vineyards and on the banks of the Rhine, this is what the Rheingau offers between Flörsheim/Main and Lorch/Rhine.
In the midst of a unique landscape you can take a break from everyday life and discover the region's cultural sights by foot.

Main hiking trails through the Rheingau:


Many interesting, smaller tours invite visitors to hikes in and around the towns and municipalities in the cultural region of the Rheingau:

Even Goethe greatly appreciated the hikes in the Rheingau and went more than once on hiking trips between Flörsheim/Main and Lorch/Rhine.
Numerous hotels and other lodgings are certified with the quality seal "Qualitätsgastgeber Wanderbares Deutschland" or "Rheinsteig-Partner-Betrieb" marking them as particularly suitable for hikers.

Come to the Rheingau and experience the joie de vivre and and joy of hiking!

The Taunus adjacent to the Rheingau also invites visitors to hikes, e.g.:

Further information on hiking in the state of Hesse can be found here.

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