Rheingau - paradise for mountain bikers

Adjacent to the vineyards opens a veritable paradise for mountain bikers. Experience the most beautiful trails, tracks and spots. Guided tours make wayfinding on the map or on the GPS device superfluous.

Under the motto
"Life is like riding a bike - to keep your balance you must keep moving!" (Einstein) Bike & Coach Rheingau offers guided mountain bike and trekking tours in the Rheingau.
The MTB tours are characterized by the typical ups and downs of the low mountain range. From the valley to the Kalten Herberge it is about 530 hm. Rarely it is directly approached and so come loose also times 1000 hm or more together - and that is already almost like a small alpine stage.
The trekking tours are more pleasure-oriented and lead through the vineyards or the lower forest paths. They are perfect for combining outdoor activity with culture and sightseeing.
No matter which tour you take - afterward, you've truly earned the culinary delights of the Rheingau.

More information at www.bike-and-coach-rheingau.de.

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