Swimming Pools, Wellness and Relaxation in the Cultural Region of the Rheingau

The cultural region of the Rheingau offers numerous opportunities for enjoying the cool water in outdoor, indoor or thermal baths where swimmers can be active or just relax.
Information about indoor, outdoor and thermal baths in the cultural region of the Rheingau can be obtained here:

Outdoor swimming pools:
• Municipal outdoor swimming pool Eltville/Rhine
• Outdoor swimming pool Hallgarten, Oestrich-Winkel
• Asbach-Bad, Rüdesheim/Rhine
• Outdoor swimming pools in Wiesbaden (Opelbad, Maaraue, Kallebad and Kleinfeldchen)

Indoor swimming pools:
• Rheingau-Bad, Geisenheim
• Indoor Swimming Pool Hochheim/Main
• Indoor Swimming Pools in Wiesbaden (Kleinfeldchen, Hallenbad Kostheim, Freizeitbad Mainzer Strasse)

Thermal baths:
• Kaiser Friedrich Therrmal Spa, Wiesbaden
• Thermal Spa Aukammtal, Wiesbaden
• Aeskulap Thermal Spa Schlangenbad (located in the lower Taunus)
• Outdoor Thermal Pool Schlangenbad and Kelosauna (situated in the Lower Taunus)
Moreover, you can find further offers and information on the topic Wellness & Relaxation in the cultural region of the Rheingau and the surrounding area:

Wellness & relaxation at:
• Hotel Reinhartshausen Palace, Eltville-Erbach
• Parkhotel Sonnenberg, Eltville/Rhine
• Waldhotel Rheingau, Geisenheim-Marienthal
• advena Jesuitengarten, Oestrich-Winkel
• Hunting Lodge Niederwald, Rüdesheim/Rhine
• Spa and Moor Spa, Bad Schwalbach

Outdoor Swimming Pool Eltville/Rhine

The heated municipal open-air swimming pool (“Freibad Eltville am Rhein”) has a 50 meter swimming pool with a non-swimmers' area and a swimmers‘ area, a big slide, a diving platform and starting blocks for competitions.
Additionally there’s a children's pool, a beachvolleyball court and a huge lawn with a view directly onto the Rhine.
The main swimming pool is surrounded by roses during summer.
Beverages and small snacks such as ice cream or french fries can be bought at the swimming pool.
The open air swimming pool is usually open from 1 May to the beginning / middle of September.

Further information can be obtained by calling:
Phone:  06123 - 81276  

Outdoor Swimming Pool

The outdoor swimming pool (“Freibad Hallgarten”) in the village Hallgarten above Oestrich-Winkel invites people of all ages to join in the bathing fun.
The swimming pool’s peculiarity is the water play facility with mud tables for children.
The swimming pool has of a children’s basin and a separate nursing room.
A lift for handicapped persons is also available.
The outdoor swimming pool is usually open from the middle of May until the middle of September.
Freibad Hallgarten
65375 Oestrich-Winkel / Hallgarten
Phone: 06723 - 4380  

Asbach-Bad Rüdesheim/Rhine

The heated outdoor swimming pool Asbach-Bad is located directly beside the Rhine.
The outdoor swimning pool boasts a combined basin (50x21m) with a separate diving pool with 1m and 3m diving boards as well as a 5m diving tower.
The lawn is approx. 6,000 m², of which around 1,000 m² are a playground with ping-pong tables, volleyball and basketball fields as well as a large chess game.
Further peculiarities in the swimming pool are wide waterfall and broad slide, flow channel, neck showers as well as a toddlers' paddling pool with boat canal, water mushroom, bubbling water, water fall and water slide.
The Asbach-Bad is usually open from the middle of May to mid-September.
der Stadt Rüdesheim am Rhein
Kastanienallee 3
65385 Rüdesheim am Rhein
Phone: 06722/910040     
Email: asbachbad@ruedesheim.de

Rheingau-Bad Geisenheim

The indoor swimming pool (“Rheingau Bad Geisenheim”) offers a pleasurable swimming experience for the whole family with
• 25 meter swimming pool
• Diving pool with 3 meter diving tower
• Nonswimmers’ basin
• Baby pool with slide and waterfall
on a water area amounting to more than 550 m².
The swimming pool is conveniently located between Geisenheim and Rüdesheim/Rhine. Free parking space is available in sufficient quantity.
Each Tuesday from 3 p.m. to 3.30 p.m. water gymnastics is offered free of charge.
In addition to that, free child care is offered each Tuesday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Further informationer is available at: www.rheingau-bad.de
Rüdesheimer Str. 1
65366 Geisenheim
Phone: 06722/910157 or 910158
Phoneefax: 06722/910159
Email: info@edzgmbh.de

Indoor swimming pool Hochheim/Main

The indoor swimming pool in Hochheim/Main disposes of a 25 m basin, divided into a swimmers‘ and a nonswimmers‘ area.
Hallenbad Hochheim am Main
Breslauer Ring 19b
65239 Hochheim am Main
Phone: 06146 - 909913 

Kaiser-Friedrich Thermal Spa Wiesbaden

At the Kaiser-Friedrich thermal spa right in the middle of the city centre bathing enthusiasts and people seeking peace and quiet will find bathing luxury on the highest level.
The facility in the style of an antique thermal bath and its rooms adorned with columns and lavish ornaments is reminiscent of the Roman sweating bath on whose foundation it was built.
Tepidarium, sudatorium, sanarium, the Russian steam bath and the Finnish sauna as well as a steam stone bath boast an interesting range of sauna bathing; lavacrum and a tropic ice rain zone provide reviving cooling down.
Different wellness treatments can be booked at the thermal bath and guarantee visitors relaxation and rest.
Please note: bathing is exclusively textile-free at Kaiser-Friedrich thermal spa!
Treat yourself to a break with feel-good guarantee.
Read more about Kaiser-Friedrich Thermal Spa.

Langgasse 38-40
65183 Wiesbaden
Phone: 0611 - 31 70 60     
Email: kft@wiesbaden.de

Thermal Spa Aukammtal Wiesbaden

The thermal spa Aukammtal has a bathing area amounting to more than 4,400 square metres with an action pool, massage jets and bubbling pool.
The water temperature is consistently 32 degrees inside as well as outside - a great place to relax.
The sauna area invites visitors to six different saunas, ice basins and experience showers.
At the thermal bath you can choose from a wide range of first-class health and wellness programmes.
Handicapped visitors can use a barrier-free changing room with six lockers.
Numerous specials such as aqua workout, massages or TCM treatments enhance the individual person’s regeneration and make the visit at thermal spa Aukammtal a restful experience.
Learn more about Thermalbad Aukammtal in the following.

Thermalbad Aukammtal
Leipnizstraße 7
65191 Wiesbaden
Phone: 0611 - 31 70 80     
Email: thermalbad@wiesbaden.de

Aeskulap Thermal Spa Schlangenbad

The Aeskulap Thermal Spa is situated right in the centre of Schlangenbad with a beautiful view onto the spa park.
The Schlangenbad thermal spring water is wonderfully pleasant, giving the skin a satin softness and is a blessing for the whole body. The oxygen– salt – light cabin at the thermal spa can be particularly recommended.
A 20-minute-stay within the sea climate cabin has the same effect as a two-hour-stroll along the sea. The oxygen– salt – light cabin enhances the ability to concentrate, resolves sleep problems, prevents colds, cleans the respiratory system, eases skin problems, strengthens the immune system by ionised oxygen, salt mist (Red Sea salt) and colour light programme.
You can also relax in the infrared wellness cabin or soak up the sun in the solariums by Ergoline.
A massage in the massage chair is revitalising for body and soul.
Learn more about Aeskulap Thermal Spa in the following.
Aeskulap Therme
Staatsbad Schlangenbad GmbH
Rheingauer Str. 18
65388 Schlangenbad
Phone: 06129 - 48 58      
Email: staatsbad@schlangenbad.de

Outdoor Thermal Pool and Kelosauna Schlangenbad

The special feature about the outdoor thermal pool in Schlangenbad is that it’s filled with fresh water every day and is located as the name suggests, completely under the open sky.
In the evenings the basin is completely emptied and after overnight cleaning refilled with warm thermal water with a temperature of 27°C.
Idyllically situated on the edge of the forest with a vast lawn and big, old trees you can experience clean air and the purity of nature here.

The thermal outdoor pool Schlangenbad is usually open from April to October.
In the following you can learn more about the Outdoor Thermal Pool Schlangenbad.
In the immediate vicinity of the thermal outdoor pool visitors can find a further highlight for lovers of wellness – the Kelosauna Schlangenbad.
A spacious wooden log cabin from genuine Finnish Kelo wood houses three saunas (Finnish sauna approx. 90 degrees, bio sauna 65 degrees and a steam bath).
The guests can use the beautiful outside area for sauna-bathing (textile-free).
After the Kelosauna the use of the thermal outdoor bath is included in the entrance fee.
Learn more about the Kelosauna in the following.

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