Glorious Rheingau Days

A varied selection of enjoyable and entertaining events during autumnal Rheingau!

Since 1987 the Rheingau VDP wineries (VDP=Association of German Prädikat / Predicate Wine Estates VDP) and top gastronomes have been maintaining the tradition to offer the best wines and dishes as well as an excellent cultural programme after the wine harvest has been completed and within the course of eight eventful days full of culinary delights. Based on the model of the famous French wine festival days “Trois Glorieuses“ the “Glorious Rheingau Days”  were initiated in 1987. Within the course of three festive days several gala menus with selected wines as well as a big wine auction were offered and at the end and the legendary RIESLING GALA was celebrated at Eberbach Monastery (Kloster Eberbach). During the following years the wine autumn auction was rescheduled to September and the complete programme meanwhile comprises more than 35 events within one whole week, whereby the RIESLING GALA at the end of the series of events is the fantastic highlight of Lucullan and vinological delights on the second Sunday of November, which offers a great, enjoyable experience for approx. 500 guests in the lay dormitory at Eberbach Monastery.
The annual presentation of the RHEINGAU OPEN is always part of the Glorious Rheingau Days, in the course of which all wineries of the VDP Rheingau offer and present their wines as well as the red wine presentation “Ruby Symphony” (“Rubinrote Symphonie”) at the domain Assmannshausen of the State Wineries of Hesse.

In the course of eight delightful days guests can choose between wine tastings, excellent gala dinners, sparkling wine menus with a great variety of different sparkling wine creations and events with music as well as tastings commented by an expert. The Rheingau Riesling is always the focus of the Glorious Rheingau Days and for some time now lovers of the Spätburgunder can also make a choice from numerous events. The offer is supplemented by grape varieties from other winegrowing regions, since colleagues from other winegrowing regions are guests in the Rheingau and bring along their favourite wines.

At various events the Rheingau VDP winegrowers invite their VDP colleagues from other winegrowing areas and highly praised chefs de cuisine, who travelled a long way, convey the most diverse taste adventures in the Rheingau with their cooking colleagues. Perfectly suited to the time of year venison dishes are offered and accompanied by Spätburgunder wines. The accompanying programme comprises highly interesting facilitations, lectures worth knowing as well as musical events from piano playing to rousing concerts.
The programme of the Glorious Rheingau Days has something to offer for everyone’s taste as well as attractive events for everyone’s budget.

The complete programme can be ordered from:
Friedericke Büchner
Phone: 06123 - 67 68 12     
or Ingrid Datt
Phone: 06723 - 99 97 38     
Email: can also receive the complete programme at all wineries of the VDP Rheingau or can access the programme from the end of May onwards on the internet at:

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