Rheingau Literature Festival

The Rheingau Literatur Festival, the "WeinLese", takes place every year in the time of the vintage in selected winepresshalls, vineyards, monasteries and castles and this already since 1993.
The performances offer conversations about literature with readings.
The audience learn more about the author, about the content and the background of the publications.
For the programme responsible is Prof. Dr. Heiner Boehncke, long Editor of hr2-kultur and professor for German language and literature studies at the Johann Wolfgang von Goethe University Frankfurt.

The Rheingau Literatur Festival takes place in September.

Further informations: https://www.rheingau-musik-festival.de/programm/rheingau-literatur-festival/ http://www.rheingau-musik-festival.de/rmf,en,16,literature-festival,festival.html

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