Rheingau Music Festival

In the summer, when the Rheingau reveals itself in its most luxuriant magnificence, music echoes between the serried ranks of ripening vines. Whether it's a large concert hall or a picturesque wine cellar, everywhere the doors are open to provide a fitting backdrop to the festival's events: the entire region constitutes a splendrous platform for aural delights of global stature.
Unique cultural monuments are transformed into temples to the muses: contemplative dignity suffuses the famous Kloster Eberbach, a princely ambience welcomes the guests to Schloss Johannisberg, captivating gardens ensorcel their visitors, imperial splendour dazzles the eye in the Kurhaus Wiesbaden.
This area full of myth and inspiration domiciled since 1988 with the Rheingau Musik Festival one of the leading musicfestivals in Europe. More than 150 concerts expect each year between the end of June to the end of August at more than 40 selected venues about 120.000 guests form Germany and abroad.

Further information to the Rheingau Musik Festival: www.rheingau-musik-festival.de

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