Rhine Taunus Nature Park

The Rhine Taunus Nature Park – a hiking region between the world heritage regions of "Upper Middle Rhine Valley“ and "Limes"!

“Quo vadis? – where are you going?“, this question was certainly asked already in Roman times in the cultural region of the Rheingau. The four valleys, surrounding the Rheingau hills, with the most diverse impressions, are the perfect place to unwind and relax properly or to explore nature actively. Discover the hidden Wisper Valley (“Tal der Wisper”), pristine and wild, it is located in the hills of the Rheingau. Far away from the stress of everyday life the high grounds of the “Hinterlandswald“ can be hiked. The woods are the forestland of the state of Hesse amounting to an area of around 220 square kilometers, the heart of the preservation of nature in the Taunus.

The Wisper flows into the Rhine and in this way into the world heritage “Upper Middle Rhine Valley“ – follow the river upstream through the Rheingau to the state capital of Wiesbaden, with its hot springs, an attractive settlement area already in Roman times.

From there you can reach the “Kastel Zugmantel“ located at the Upper Germanic & Rhaetian Limes along old trade routes. This former frontier of the Roman Empire and today’s world heritage site runs through the nature park. If you turn eastwards at the “Kastel” you reach the “Idsteiner Senke“ with its pretty villages, which are characterised by wonderfully renovated half-timbered houses. If you are going westward, you should follow the Aar Valley which is perfectly suitable for hikers and cyclists with its forests, meadows and fields. And those who enjoy Riesling after the hike in the Rheingau, should try the apple wine here.

You will find around 130 sign-posted loop hiking trails with an overall length of 600 km in the Rhine Taunus Nature Park.

Nature-compatible meadows where you can play or sunbathe, information paths, grill huts, campsites for teenagers and cross-country ski trails enable an unforgettable experience, as well as numerous castles, palaces, mineral springs and other cultural historical monuments.
“Quo vadis?“ – Let yourself be invited personally: relax while hiking trails that have been treaded thousands of years ago in the Rheingau. Experience nature and landscape during the day and enjoy the cultural life in the towns and villages of the Rheingau in the evenings.

Exciting –  Eventful – Relaxing

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