Guided Tours in the Cultural Region of the Rheingau

Tourist Guides “Gästebegleiter Rheingau-Taunus e.V.“

See more – learn more – experience more
with the Tourist Guides of the Rheingau Taunus Area
The well-qualified team of Tourist Guides of the Rheingau Taunus Area would like to acquaint you with the Rheingau Taunus Area, one of the most beautiful, interesting and diverse cultural regions of Germany. The tourist guides organize programmes and social events for congresses, seminars, excursions for companies and clubs as well as tours for groups and individuals.

Proposals for tours:

Tours by bus, boat, historical railway, horse-drawn carriages or by covered wagons
Guided tours through the forests of the Taunus or along the Bäderstraße (“Spa Route”)
Half-day or full-day hikes through the Rheingau vineyards, which can also include a snack and wine-tasting on the way
Guided visits and tours of castles, palaces, churches and monasteries
Sightseeing tours through towns
Guided bicycle tours, rented bicycles can be provided and retrieved
Evening entertainment such as visiting the theatre, music events or a Rheingau dialect entertainment
Wine tasting with expert commentary
Culinary wine tasting at wine-growing estates

Prices are available upon request at:

Minibus Tours

Individual companies offer guided tours for small groups in minibuses or luxury vans:

Riesling Shuttle
Kai´s Rhine Valley e.K.
•Schönleber 1848

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