Children’s Guided Tours & Afternoon in the Forest

Children’s guided tours:
The Tourist Information and the Cultural Office of the town of Eltville/Rhine offers guided tours especially for children in Eltville/Rhine and at Eberbach Monastery.
Town games or quizzes with rallies through the town of Eltville/Rhine are offered.
Afternoon in the forest:
Spend an exciting afternoon with Forester Klaus-Peter Steiner in the woods of Eltville. Suitable for families and children from six years onwards.
Further information on guided tours for children in Eltville/Rhine and on "Afternoon in the forest“ can be obtained at:
Tourist-Information und Kulturamt der Stadt Eltville am Rhein
Rheingauer Str. 28
65343 Eltville am Rhein
Phone: 06123 - 909835     


Nature Trail and Learning Path Vollrads Palace in Oestrich-Winkel

Children can discover and learn a lot with all their senses while walking the 1.5 km long circular path on the nature trail and learning path close to Vollrads Palace (“Naturlehrpfad Schloss Volldrads”).
Nine signs inform visitors about geographical and ecological connections while they are walking through the grove close to Vollrads.
Further information about Vollrads Castle can be obtained at:
Schloss Vollrads
65375 Oestrich-Winkel
Phone: 06723 - 660   

Mortrain Bad Schwalbach

Go on a special ride with the 1.3 kilometre long Moortrain Bad Schwalbach.

The tour leads from "Moorbadehaus" through the park and the wood till Moormines at Gerstuhltal.  At the 5 different stops guests can hop on and off as often as they want.
A trainride takes about 10 minutes. Every Sunday and on public holidays from 10:30 to 6:30

Further information:

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