Nordic Walking in the Cultural Region of the Rheingau

It is possible to experience fitness, relaxation and enjoyment through Nordic Walking in the very pleasant and scenic Rheingau. Apart from the “natural” Nordic Walking trails in the forests, parks and through the vineyards the specifically established “Nordic Walking Parks“ await guests:

DSV Nordic Aktiv Walking Zentrum Lorch/Rhine

The DSV Nordic Aktiv Walking Center in Lorch/Rhine offers nice and interesting nordic walking tours trough the UNESCO World Heritage Upper Middle Rhine Valley.  Nordic walking is a sport for experts as well as for inexperts.
Three routes can be walked: 
An easy route (4,5 km), a mid route (7,9 km) and a difficult one (8,1 km). Most of the time you walk in between the vineyards of Lorch with a beautiful view to the Rhine. Here you can connect sport, culture and nature in a beautiful way. Walk trough Lorch and you will be ardent.
Starting points are at the market place close to the tourist office at the city hall as well as at the UNESCO Heritage Vineyard of Lorch, “Römerberg” (vineyard way behind the cemetery).
At both starting points you find information boards with route directions as well as information about nordic walking itself.

Nordic Walking Flyer Lorch/Rhine (just German)

Route descriptions:

Easy Route (Blue)
Length: 4,5 km, TC: 74m, HD: 34m

The easy route starts at the „Welterbeweinberg“ at Lorch and runs trough the vineyards from Lorch towards „Bächergrund“. You have beautiful views into the romantic rhine valley. You pass the „Weinbergslagen Schlossberg” and “Kapellenberg” on your way. After 1 and 4 km you find a pulse information board.

Mid Route (red)
Length: 4,5 km, TC 176m, HD: 104m

The mid route starts at the „Welterbeweinberg“ just as the easy route and runs trough the vineyards of Lorch, the „Weinbergslagen Schlossberg“, “Kapellenberg” and “Krone” as well as through „Bächergrund“. Furthermore you walk trough the forest. Enjoy beautiful views to the romantic Rhine valley. After 1 and 7 km you find a pulse information board.

Difficult route (black)
Length: 8,1 km, TC 285m, HD: 167m

The difficult route starts at the tourist information office at the city hall in Lorch. The route first runs trough the city .It passes the fire station in “Jahnstraße”, „Am Rebenhang“ it goes up into the vineyards. Turn left there in direction of Lorchhausen. Below „Lorchhäuser Clemenskapelle“ the route continues between the old house of water up to the „Panoramaweg“. At viewpoint „Liebling“ you must make a turn over and take the road back over the hiking trail„Rheinsteig“ to „Retzbachtal“, direction towards Lorch. On your way you see the ruine Nollig and the Weiselhill. You have  beautiful views to the romantic Rhine valley. You are hiking between the wine hills „ Lorcher Schlossberg“ and „Lorchhäuser Seligmacher“.

map of the route Nordic Walking Lorch/Rhine:

pulse information board Nordic Walking Lorch/Rhine:

starting board Nordic Walking Lorch/Rhine:

Further information about the historical town Lorch, accommodations, events, "Staußwirtschaften" and restaurants are available at the tourist information office, "Rathaus", Markt 5, 65391 Lorch, Tel. 0049 6726/ 181,,,

Rheingau Nordic Walking Riesling Park

With its five adventure trails the 35 km long “Rheingau Nordic Walking Riesling Park“ around Rüdesheim,
Assmannshausen and the vicinity, is an active centre for people attaching the greatest importance to fitness. The Nordic Walking trails were certified by experts from the German Ski Association and lead Nordic walkers through a dense variety of scenic, cultural, but also culinary highlights.

You can find an overview map of the 5 routes for download here (approx. 1 MB).

Description of routes:

Töpfer-Route: (blue - easy)
This route follows in the footsteps of old craftsmanship. It is a moderate route of 5.9 km with an overall height difference of 159 m.

Freiligrath-Route: (red – moderate)
The route which owes its name to the poet Ferdinand Freiligrath takes the active holiday makers to a loop trail which is 4.8 km long and has a height difference of 88 m "from poetry to enjoyment". It leads right into the heart of the best Spätburgunder vineyard sites from Assmannshausen – and offers fascinating views onto the Rhine Valley.

Ostein-Route: (red – moderate)
The “Ostein-Route“ bears the name of the Count Maximilian Amor Maria Ostein, who had the Niederwald converted into a romantic park. On the 4.9 km long moderate route a height difference of 73 m must be surmounted.

Kloster-Route: (black - difficult)
The enjoyable route leads through the best Rüdesheim vineyard sites among others past the Abbey of St Hildegard, Eibingen Abbey as well as the former Nothgottes Monastery in the valley Blaubachtal. It is 8.5 km long and a height of 185 m must be surmoumted.

Rheinromantik-Route: (black - difficult)
This is the most difficult but also the most spectacular route due to the unique view. It is 11.7 km long and the sum of all slopes amounts to a total height of 424 metres.
Further information on the Rheingau Nordic Walking Riesling Park can be obtained at:
Oberstrasse 42-44
65385 Rüdesheim am Rhein
Phone: 06722 - 48 33 6     
Fax: 06722 - 48 19 5

Nordic Walking Park Bad Schwalbach

In the closer vicinity of the cultural region of the Rheingau a further Nordic Walking Park was established specifically for walkers who can explore the Nordic Walking Park Bad Schwalbach.
The routing consists of 11 trails as well as a half-marathon route with distances between 2.2 and 22.5 kilometres. The trails lead past streams, ponds, numerous huts and practice venues. In particular the overlooks with their impressive views over the town and the vicinity make the Nordic Walking Park Bad Schwalbach special.

Download the current flyer about "Nordic Walking Park Bad Schwalbach" with information on the routing directly here (approx. 1.9 MB). 

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