Eltville/Rhine, known as the town of wines, sparkling wines and roses, is the oldest town of the Rheingau. As early as 1332 the Archbishop of Mainz, Balduin von Trier, obtained the municipal laws and thus the right to fortify the town. Two years before he started to build the Castle of the Sovereigns Elect, today's landmark of Eltville. The castle used to be the residence of the Archbishops of Mainz and the Sovereigns Elect until well into the 15th century. During the Thirty Years' War it was destroyed by the Swedes with the exception of the prominent tower house; only the east wing was rebuilt in modified form. The Gutenberg Monument inside the tower commemorates the great inventor of printer's art who was named a courtly nobleman here in 1465 - the only honour bestowed upon him during his lifetime. The fortified platform offers a phantastic view onto the large river. More than 20,000 rose bushes transform the castle moat and the romantic Rhine promenade into a colourful sea of flowers in early summer. With the Rose Days in June the town pays homage to the Queen of Flowers.
The Rhine promenade provides a magnificent backdrop for the annual Sparkling Wine and Biedermeier Festival at the beginning of July. The winegrowers' wine tasting stand, a popular meeting place where visitors can try wines from Eltville is directly situated on the banks of the Rhine. Along the romantic Rhine promenade, in the shade of sycamore trees, the historic town centre with its picturesque half-timbered houses, estates and grand noble courts can be reached. Numerous restaurants around the market place, as well as quaint Straußwirtschaften and comfortable wine taverns offer delicious selections of wines and regional specialties from Eltville. Where great wines are grown, sparkling wine history is also written. Matheus Müller began to produce bubbly wines already in 1837. MM-Sektkellerei, the winery producing sparkling wine, which is currently owned by Rotkäppchen-Mumm and the winery producing sparkling wine Sektmanufaktur Schloss Vaux continue this tradition. All around Eltville numerous paths and trails invite guests to a romantic walk along the towpath or to a hike through the vineyards of Eltville up to the Rheinsteig.
Learn more about the districts of Eltville Erbach, Hattenheim, Martinsthal and Rauenthal in the following.

More information about Eltville/Rhine can be obtained at: www.eltville.de.


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