Historical manors, magnificent estates and the Catholic Parish Church of St Mark with its valuable décor characterise the winegrowing community of Erbach.
Eberbach became known above all by Marcobrunn, the vineyard, whose name stands for a considerable chapter of the Rheingau’s wine culture and was already known beyond the Rheingau’s borders in the 18th century. A monument was erected in honour of the famous wine, a classicistic column construction has framed the fountain Marcobrunnen since 1810. The classic wine can be tasted in many restaurants and wine taverns but also at Eberbach’s wine tasting stand directly on the bank of the Rhine.
Apart from the growths from renowned vineyard sites of Erbach, with the Strawberry Festival the town also pays homage to another fruit on the third weekend of June, which used to be cultivated here on a grand scale.
Wine and strawberries join together as the most delicious combination in the festival’s punch.

Reinhartshausen Palace, today wine-growing estate and five star hotel with a publicly accessible palace park is well worth a visit in Eberbach. After her unhappy marriage Princess Marianne of Prussia acquired Reinhartshausen Palace in 1855. The Princess also donated the neo-Gothic Church of St John to Erbach, the oldest Protestant Church in the upper Rheingau, that she had erected to commemorate her deceased son in 1861. An island is situated vis-à-vis the palace, which bears the name Mariannenaue in honour of the princess. It is the biggest island in the Rhine and was declared a nature reserve due to its exceptional flora and fauna. The island wine from the wine-growing estate Reinhartshausen Palace is grown on a couple of smaller vineyards in this particular micro climate.


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