The numerous romantic half-timbered houses with their rare ornamental painting between the timber frames in the winding narrow alleys around the market place lend special charm to Hattenheim.
Apart from the Catholic baroque Church of St Vincenz with its crucifixion group which is worth seeing from the school of the sculptor Hans Backoffen, the castle is the oldest preserved building of Hattenheim. A precise reconstruction and chronological classification of the classic castle tower has turned out to be difficult. It is likely that a fortified compound was already built at the beginning of the 12th century, the preserved residential tower dates back to the year 1400. Today the castle is the social centre of Hattenheim with numerous events and club celebrations.
The idyllically located wine tasting stand on the banks of the Rhine with the barrels from Hattenheim (“Hattenheimer Fässer”) is particularly popular among locals and guests.

Apart from numerous comfortable Straußwirtschaften the town shines with first-class gastronomy.
Beautiful hiking trails take visitors through the municipal terrain of Hattenheim up to Eberbach Monastery.


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