Martinsthal is located in the deeply cut, narrow Walluf valley in the midst of the vineyards.
The town’s origins are tightly connected with the establishment of the “Rheingauer Gebück“, the natural fortification wall of the Rheingau, which encompassed and protected the area for 600 years effectively.
Today, Martinsthal presents itself as a tranquil wine village with renowned wine-growing estates. The small Gothic parish church, which is used today as a cultural church for events, and the market place with the former town, bakehouse and public house ”Zur Krone“, a richly decorated half-timbered house dating back to the 16th century, are well worth seeing. The sculpture of the “Stehkragenwinzer” is also located there, symbolising the pride and self-understanding of the wine growers from Martinsthal.
Made by the same sculptor, guests will also encounter the bronze group of boars at the town exit, artistic appreciation for one of the most famous Rheingau vineyard sites the ”Martinsthaler Wildsau“. The people from Martinsthal enjoy the superb wines from this vineyard site in the small Straußwirtschaften and at the wine tasting stand in the idyllic valley Wiesental.


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