Rauenthal is the most elevated winegrowing village of the Rheingau, the “mountain” wines from Rauenthal are particularly impressive because of their unique character.
The first documented mention of the town dates back to 1274.
Rauenthal’s landmark, the church tower of St Anthony’s Church with the Madonna from the 15th century (built as early as 1339 as St Anthony’s Chapel) today salutes visitors, who can see the church already from a far distance.
Visitors will enjoy the cosy wine taverns in the surrounding small streets.
Numerous hiking trails lead visitors among forests and vineyards around the picturesque wine village. Also the premium hiking trail, the Rheinsteig guides visitors directly to Rauenthal.
A special reward for hikers is the phantastic view from Bubenhäuser Höhe, which owes its name to the countess ”Itschia von Bubinghausen“ whose estate used to stand on this elevated hill. The view reaches across the whole Rhine valley from Mainz to Rüdesheim/Rhine as well as the wooded hills of the Taunus.


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