Bad Weilbach / Weilbach

Weilbach, first mentioned in documents in 1112, is the northernmost district of Flörsheim. The brook Weilbach meanders through the old historic centre with its restored half-timbered houses and the chime of bells. In former times the brook frequently burst its banks, which is one reason why the statue of the bridge saint St Nepomuk keeps watch. A particularly historical ensemble is the court estate of the Counts of Wolff-Metternich, the so-called ”Weilbacher Schloss“ (“Weilbach Palace”).
The sulphur spring of Bad Weilbach in the former spa park has been spluttering for more than 200 years and promises healing powers for mind and body. The cast-iron pavilion at the sulphur spring and the gardens of the spa park were established in 1832, a distinctive little street of sycamore trees under preservation order, connects the spring area with the road from Flörsheim to Weilbach. The Kurhaus in the classicist style was completed in 1838, but at the beginning of the 20th century the spa business was finally discontinued. The game reserve with deer and fallow deer in the park is a great destination for families with children. And each year at the Whitsun Weekend the festival “Bad Weilbacher Brunnenfest” takes place around the sulphur spring.

The Nature House Weilbacher Kiesgruben in the district of Weilbach is an excellent example of a how to deal with nature and natural resources in a responsible way. The gravel pit landscape, formerly a destroyed extraction area, was redeveloped by reclamation and reforestation measures and converted into a park landscape. Animals which have found refuge here can be observed from small observation towers. The Nature House, which has been integrated into the landscape, is an environmental education institution providing a comprehensive range of courses; with the inauguration of the regional park house and the establishment of the ”Regional Park Portal“ a further component of the regional park’s concept was created. The “Poet’s House” (“Haus des Dichters“) is also part of the regional park. Due to the house’s geographical location and its beautiful, far view it is an ideal place for a break.


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