The wine village of Geisenheim with its districts of Johannisberg, Marienthal and Stephanshausen is situated amid the cultural, wine and Rhine landscape of the Rheingau. In Geisenheim, first mentioned in records dating back to 772, an old linden tree strikes visitors immediately which has been the town’s centre for around 700 years.
Many old town houses from the 17th and 18th centuries have been preserved, from the time of the Electoral Mainz as well as impressive aristocratic palaces such as the summer residence of the Archbishop Anselm Franz von Ingelheim, the former estate of the Barons von Zwierlein and the Palais Ostein.

The Church of the Holy Cross, also called Rheingau Cathedral is from the early 16th century and is crowned at the western façade by two neo-Gothic towers. The main sight in Geisenheim is Johannisberg Palace, birthplace of the Spätlese ("late harvest") and the world’s oldest wine-growing estate cultivating Riesling.
At first sight observers may think that Geisenheim is not a town of wine, however, the world-famous "Wine University" is located here. Professor Müller from Thurgau also cultivated the grape variety named after him in Geisenheim. Today, students from all over the world come to Geisenheim in order to study and graduate at the University of Applied Sciences, which was founded in 1872 as Research Institute for Viticulture, Pomology and Horticulture. Wherever in the world wine is cultivated successfully, someone from Geisenheim is always involved. The Research Institute maintains its own wine-growing estate, producing and selling wine, so that viticulture doesn't remain dull theory. Monrepos Park is located directly beside the old road in the direction of Rüdesheim where many botanic experiments and exhibits can be admired en passant while strolling through the park. The foundation stones of the extensive estate were established in 1860 by consul general Eduard von Lade, the Research Institute's founder.
Every visitor should by all means enjoy the picturesque town centre of the historic wine village of Johannisberg. The pilgrimage site of Marienthal is a great attraction for thousands of pilgrims, which is romantically embedded in vineyards and forests. Stephanshausen, located within the picturesque landscape of the Rheingau hills, is a great place for relaxation.


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