The biggest wine town of Hesse is located where the Rhine spreads like a lake. The town emerged after the the affiliation of the historical villages of Winkel, Mittelheim and Oestrich; the municipality of Hallgarten up on the hill also belongs to Oestrich.
Among the main sights of Oestrich-Winkel are the historical wine loading crane located directly on the bank of the Rhine, Vollrads Palace, the Romanesque St Ägidius Basilica as well as the Brentanohaus.
Oestrich-Winkel is a young town characterised by viticulture with attractive leisure opportunities. The many wine taverns and Straußwirtschaften, restaurants and inns attract many tourists throughout the year, who enjoy the culinary treats in the Rheingau.
Events such as the Culinary Weeks transform the Rheingau into a festive wine mile, where guests have the opportunity of tasting the great variety and quality of wines and sparkling wines from Oestrich-Winkel offered by more than one hundred local wine growers.
When the wine growers present their best wines from renowned vineyard sites of the Rheingau the atmosphere at the wine tasting stands along the Rheingauer Riesling Route, is casual and merry on wine.
The traditional “Oestricher Dippemarkt” starts in May and the hiking experience “Wandern und Genießen auf dem Flötenweg“ takes place on the first weekend after Whitsun.
The wine growers organise a small wine festival around the historical Brentanoscheune (“Brentano barn”) in June. The summer is replete with music; Jazz at its best is offered during the Jazz Week and in August Oestrich-Winkel organises the Music Festival as well as the traditional Vintage Festival.
The Riesling bike path and the “Rheingauer Riesling Route” provide many opportunities for experienced bikers and beginners to get to know Oestrich-Winkel from its most beautiful side. Hikers will find a well-developed network of hiking trails to the nearby forest. The Flute Hiking Trail (“Flötenwanderweg”) connects the four town districts and is a great experience for visitors throughout the year.

Learn more about Oestrich-Winkel at: www.oestrich-winkel.de


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