It couldn’t taste better in Hell than it does in the district of Assmannshausen. The best vineyard sites of the famous Spätburgunder can be found on Höllenberg and the wine impresses by its velvety mellow full flavour, which has made Assmannshausen famous as a town of red wine.
Many famous guests have enjoyed the winegrowing tradition which is more than 900 years old.
At the hotel Krone, which is steeped in tradition, Emperor Wilhelm and Empress Elisabeth (“Sissi”) of Austria stopped by and poets such as Ferdinand Freiligrath and Hoffmann von Fallersleben found inspiration in this town. The restaurants’ and cafés’ Rhine terraces adorned with flowers and the open view overlooking the famous stream are great places for relaxation and culinary highlights. From the pergola Rotweinlaube high above the rooftops visitors have a beautiful panoramic view onto the vineyards and the Rhine.

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