Rheingauer Riesling

Apart from Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Muscat, Riesling is among the classic four white wine grape varieties and can be found despite its minimal proportion of four per cent worldwide in nearly all cultivation areas of the international world of wine: sometimes sporadically as decorative supplementation of the wine selection or as showcase. For many wine growers Riesling is a serious experiment or a hobby.

Riesling is the main grape variety in the Rheingau and for the wine growers between Hochheim and Lorchhausen a part of their lives. This is due to the fact that Riesling requires a high degree of healthy ambition in the vineyard and cellar, experience and above all passion. Like no other grape variety Riesling is a risky venture, an exciting balancing act through the maturity period of a grape, and time and again a challenge in craftsmanship for the wine grower and accordingly a flavour-related challenge for the consumers.

Riesling is easily underestimated! But the grape variety does not only stand for long-lasting wines but can above all express the characteristic features of the vineyard site precisely without denying its own typical flavour. Riesling always remains authentic! And although Riesling enjoys some popularity across the world, the grape variety does not match the image of a globalized world of wine with standardised types of flavour and styles that can be copied.

Riesling is different! It is a resourceful grape variety which surprises with its unique combination of acidity and extract playing with flavour and savouring all ranges of sweetness. Riesling allows a variety of styles, reaching from dry to noble sweet and providing glorious taste and a refined wealth of bouquets even when the alcohol content is low. The grape variety reveals itself only in its entire dimension to those who are not satisfied after the first sip. Because just trying is too little, Riesling wants to be tasted to the full. Riesling is attractive, at the same time repelling until it is given the attention which it claims for itself. It is like a good book that must be read attentively, sometimes twice and between the lines in order to understand it all: the subtleties, the structure and the harmonious interaction of the aromas.

The Riesling’s strength lies in the challenging encounter with the fine and elegant nuances, as far as flavour-related aspects are concerned in the many facets from lemony to sweet honey aromas. In addition, there is the nearly dance-like performance of the pretty spicy and pronounced acid, bringing out finesse and brilliance. The contradictory nature of its character is the constant diversity, that broad range, which Riesling allows in its long growing and maturity phase. This is surely one reason for the Riesling myth surrounding the grape variety. It is certain that no other white grape variety offers the consumer the chance to discover and experience such an enormous variety of flavour-related facets when drinking varietal wine. Wine growers can create flavour with Riesling, therein lies the excitement of the grape variety.

The Rheingau is the best opportunity for discovering the diversity of the Riesling and justifying its existence in the world of wine.

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