Boosenburg Castle Rüdesheim/Rhine

Boosenburg Castle at Rüdesheim is a Romanesque donjon. The building’s architecture indicates that it originates from the 9th century.
The castle is located right next to Brömserburg Castle and will delight visitors with its fascinating view of the vineyards and the Rhine.
The tower of Boosenburg Castle rises to a height of 38 metres and is taller than any other building of this town.  A residential building reminiscent of a palace lies nestled against its walls of a thickness of up to three metres.
The entire estate is privately owned and cannot be visited.
The name of Boosenburg can be traced back to the lineage of Boos von Waldeck who acquired the castle in 1474.
The Boos lineage’s coat of arms serves as the castle’s coat of arms to this day.

65385 Rüdesheim am Rhein

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