Castle of the Sovereigns Elect Eltville/Rhine

The Castle of the Sovereigns Elect in Eltville/Rhine (“Kurfürstliche Burg Eltville am Rhein”) was erected from 1330 onwards by Balduin of Trier on the premises of a previous castle damaged during the tariff war directly on the bank of the Rhine River. The continuation and completion of the castle took place until approx. 1350 by Heinrich von Virneburg. During the 14th and 15th centuries the Castle was the residence of the Archbishops of Mainz and the Sovereigns Elect. In 1635 the Swedes destroyed the castle with the exception of the tower house, the present landmark of Eltville. Only the east wing was rebuilt in modified form in 1682/83. The Gutenberg Exhibition in the tower memorates the great inventor who received the only honour bestowed upon him during his lifetime here in 1465. More than 20,000 rose bushes transform the castle moat and the romantic Rhine promenade into a colourful sea of flowers in early summer.

Further information is available here: Castle of the Sovereigns Elect.Kurfürstliche BurgBurgstrasse 165343 Eltville am RheinPhone.: 06123 - 90 98 0      Email:

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