Frauenstein Castle Wiesbaden

Frauenstein Castle can be visited from Easter to October from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Sundays.
A small collection of arms and armour as well as a suit of armour are on display inside the ruins. The view from its windows is fantastic and offers the best views of the wine-growing village of Frauenstein.

Frauensteig Castle is situated on the Rheinsteig hiking trail.

Having been built by Bodo von Idstein in 1184, it was first mentioned in records in 1221 and is therefore considered to be the oldest castle of Wiesbaden. From around 1300 to 1803 it was part of the possessions of the archbishopric of Mainz and of the chapter of Mainz. After 1800 the castle lost its importance and fell into decay.

In 1996 the Burgverein Frauenstein acquired the castle grounds. With the support of numerous citizens the castle could be restored to its former state of the 16th century.
The “re-opening“ of the castle was celebrated in 2004.

Each September Frauenstein Castle hosts a two-day castle festival.

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Burg Frauenstein
65201 Wiesbaden-Frauenstein
Phone: 0611 - 421 772     

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