Ruins of Ehrenfels Castle (Rüdesheim/Rhine)

In the immediate vicinity of the Mouse Tower (“Mäuseturm”) of Bingen, the ruins of Ehrenfels Castle are idyllically situated on a ledge in the midst of the vineyards between Rüdesheim/Rhine and Assmannshausen.

However, the castle ruins can no longer be visited.

Hikers can pass the ruins of the castle on the Rheingauer Riesling Routen trail.
Around 1220, the Archbishop of Mainz had the former private castle, which had presumably been built around the year 1000, transformed into a mighty castle that served to levy very lucrative transit duties.
Due to its strategically important location fierce battles were fought for the castle in the Thirty Years’ War and it was finally burnt down in 1689. Afterwards the customs post was moved to Bingen and the remains of Ehrenfels Castle were left to fall into decay.
At the beginning of the 1990’s the land of Hesse, being the current owner of the ruins of Ehrenfels Castle, made funds for renovation available, saving the castle ruins from a fate of unabated decay.
Today, the ruins of Ehrenfels Castle are presumably among the most-photographed castles on the Rhine.

Burgruine Ehrenfels
65385 Rüdesheim am Rhein / Assmannshausen

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