Ruins of Scharfenstein Castle Kiedrich

The ruins of Scharfenstein Castle (“Burgruine Scharfenstein“), landmark of the Gothic wine-growing village of Kiedrich, rise high above the village. The castle dates from around 1160.
It was once the ancestral seat and seat of government of the noble lineage of Scharfenstein, which was in the service of the Electoral Mainz. The Archbishop of Mainz had the castle erected before 1215 in order to protect the road from Eltville leading over the heights. Temporarily it served as a residence for the archbishops.

The castle fell into decay in the 16th century, only the donjon of a height of more than 30 metres still remains. A stone staircase leads up to the former gun platform, which offers a magnificent view. The tower of Scharfenstein Castle has been part of the coat of arms of the Kiedrich municipality since the 14th century.

Today a barbecue area is located next to the ruins of Scharfenstein Castle.

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Burgruine Scharfenstein
65399 Kiedrich

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