Vollrads Palace Oestrich-Winkel

The Palace’s central building is a substantial tower, situated in the the middle of a square pond which can only be reached by crossing a bridge. It was built before 1330.
In 1684 Georg-Philipp von Greiffenclau had the actual manor house built and his son had it extended to include further buildings over the years.
Today’s estate restaurant is located in the cavalier’s house and the adjoining orangery. Today the wine-growing estate with its centuries' old tradition since 1211 cultivates 63 hectares of vineyards on which only Riesling is grown.
Apart from the opportunity of purchasing wine in the wine store many private rooms of the manor provide an exceptional setting for events.Wine tastings and guided tours for groups after prior registration.

More information on Vollrads Castle can be obtained here.

Schloss Vollrads
Vollradser Allee
65375 Oestrich-Winkel
Phone: 06723 - 660     
Email: info@schlossvollrads.com

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