The Wine Growing Area Rheingau

Wicker, Flörsheim and Hochheim to the east and Lorchhausen to the west are the geographical corners of the Rheingau. The wine villages and little towns with their famous vineyards along the Rhine are situated in between like pearls on a string. Like a balcony with the privileged best view onto the river the high-altitude villages form the second row of the Rheingau. The wooded mountain ranges of the Taunus to the north limit the region and provide protection against the rough north winds. From this mountain ridge the vineyard slopes descend into the direction of the banks of the Rhine, the sunniest side of the Rheingau. The Rhine spreading in some places like a lake, functions as humidity and heat storage and in this way ensures relatively uniform temperatures without extreme variations. Ideal conditions for viticulture; there is perhaps no second winegrowing region on earth displaying that many wine-growing estates with international reputation within such a relatively confined area as the Rheingau.

Rheingau wine queen Katharina Fladung 2014/15

"The Rheingau distinguishes itselfs through a high density of excellent vineyards. We offer in a small surrounding high quality, worth seeing places and culture."

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