A Hearty welcome to the cultural region of the Rheingau

Dear friends of the Rheingau,

be enchanted by the Rheingau just like I was.

The Rheingau with its unique cultural landscape is situated in close vicinity to the Rhine-Main area. Where the Rhine changes its course from its general northern direction and flows for 30 kilometres to the Bingen Gap (“Binger Loch”) to the west, the vineyards of the Rheingau extend on the right side of the Rhine between Wicker/Main and Lorchhausen/Rhine.

On a wine growing area of about 3,200 hectares 78 per cent of Riesling and almost 13 per cent of Spätburgunder are grown in the Rheingau. The Rhine Valley gets narrower downstream and the slopes get steeper; not only soft, deep but also harder stony soils shape the aroma of the Riesling. The Rheingau Riesling is known and famous for its high quality, variety and its own individual identity around the world.

The Rheingau attracts visitors with its charming landscape any time of year. The Rheingau Riesling Route and the Rheinsteig boast many opportunities for visitors. Make use of the wine growers‘ numerous Straußwirtschaften for rest and relaxation. Apart from relaxation in nature the Rheingau also offers a host of cultural events. Lovingly restored old towns with half-timbered houses, palaces, castles, and churches invite visitors to experience and linger.

The balancing act between tradition and modern innovation is successful in the Rheingau. The unique geographical location with its special climate was discovered for viticulture early on. Contemporary witnesses such as Eberbach Monastery and Johannisberg Palace wrote wine history here in the Rheingau.

Young, highly qualified wine growers manage family wineries steeped in tradition with the most modern technology. They are committed to environmental protection and sustainability. This has resulted in wines full of character, and in individual, regionally specific wines. You, dear guests, are cordially invited to convince yourselves of this quality during your visit.

The culinary season starts with the Rheingau Culinary Weeks in Spring. For 10 days the wine growers open their doors and cellars and offer wine, sociability and home-made culinary delicacies to visitors. The time of the numerous wine festivals begins afterwards. Visit the Rheingau and become familiar with our Riesling and wine growers.

Get enthusiastic about the Rheingau’s joie de vivre. We are looking forward to your visit.


Rheingau Wine Queen 2017/ 2018

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