Wine tasting under the open sky

Guests driving through the Rheingau during the summer months can see them everywhere: small but fine wine tasting stands. Here, visitors have the opportunity of tasting the different wines under the open sky and in a relaxed atmosphere.

6 September 1814, well-informed, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe wrote down into his Rheingau diary “Autumn Days in the Rheingau”: “The goodness of the wine depends upon situation, but also upon a late vintage. In this respect the poor and the wealthy are always at variance, the poor preferring an abundant harvest, the wealthy a good one.” With this in mind: cheers.

Wine cellars in the vineyards and besides the walking trails

In the vineyards in Rüdesheim and Assmannshausen the winery Altenkirch from Rüdesheim-Aulhausen has set up small wine cellars: along the Rheinsteig at the rest area "Laadhüttt", at the red wine arbor "Rotweinlaube" in Assmannshausen and at the "Historienweg" at the rest area "Ehrenfelsblick".There you will find a selection of wines, glasses and seating possibiliies.In order to meet the protection of minors, you can open the wine cellar only after proof of age by means of a card reader. You will need either an German identity card, an EU identity card or EU driving license.


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