Hospitality in the Rheingau

The longing for the Rheingau is always most intense when a visitor gets back home from a trip to the winegrowing region. Many people made this experience, today just like during Goethe's times. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe spent the first week of September of the year 1814 in the Brentano family’s house in Winkel and summarised his impressions in his request: "May this likewise give pleasure to everyone, be they experienced or novice!"
Hospitality has a long and unbroken tradition in the Rheingau. According to historic documents the presumed constructor of the Grey House (“Graues Haus”), the Archbishop of Mainz Rhabanus Maurus, gave food to some 300 needy persons every day in the course of a hunger catastrophe in 850. Hospitality is more than the sum of food, drink and service in the Rheingau. This is above all due to the fact that hospitality is celebrated like a festival – without being intrusive. And hospitality thrives around the wine and is unthinkable without it.

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We wish you nice hours full of gusto in the Rheingau.

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