Straußwirtschaften - Symbols of cosiness

The wine taverns are popular destinations for many wine lovers in our German winegrowing regions. Depending on the wine-growing region they are called ”Strauß-“, “Buschen-“, “Besen-“ or “Heckenwirtschaften". Our word for them is “Straußwirtschaften“.  In all Rheingau winegrowing communities you can find the "Straußwirtschaften" which have been converted into respectable guest houses by many vintners serving their own wines to locals and to the many wine lovers visiting the Rheingau. The state classified these different types of guest houses according to tax law long ago in order to profit from the wine growers’ serving wine as well.           

The simplest, most original place where wine is served is still called "Straußwirtschaft" – here, the wine maker’s family clears its parlour in order to serve wine for a pre-determined time each year.

Wine lovers sitting over a glass of wine in such a "Straußwirtschaft" today must actually thank Charles the Great, the inventor of the Straußwirtschaften. Today, we know that he took great care of the administration of his imperial estates. His royal decrees, the capitularies, contained precise directives for cultivating the individual royal courts in the Franconian Empire. Charles the Great also gave thought to wine marketing when structuring his empire economically and commanded in 795 ("Capitulare de villis") that at least three wine taverns should be set up on each of his wineries where the wine growers should serve their own wine.

"Coronae de racemis", wreaths of grapes should mark the wine taverns. The interpretation of these wreaths or bouquets hanging out, however, is a little controversial. "It is very likely that the coronae de racemis were  wheels on which grapes were hung to be delivered to the royal table", the historian Gareis assumes (1895).

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